Residuum Offerings: Voracious Universe Book One

A mysterious new weapon.
An Immersion Investigator accused of murder.
An iron fisted leader driven to paranoia.

In the year 2191 standard, Old Earth has become a museum planet and humanity is spread across three new systems ruled by the Governance.

Jagger Jakowski is an immersion investigator, drinking off the memories of his last job and his previous life. When he’s hired to investigate multiple deaths of citizens, he suddenly finds himself accused of murder and caught up in a plot to use a young girl to overthrow the Governance.

Prime Coordinator Uma Odia is paranoid. She spends her time in Li-Sedol, the celestial capital of the Governance, planning her legacy. But when her allies begin to die in mysterious ways, she realizes her paranoia is just, and her enemy has a new weapon, one that can get into the very mind of its target.

Can Jagger, with the help of an elite intelligence team, stop this new weapon, rescue the girl and save the Governance from falling? Can Uma Odia evade the most personal attack of her rule? And if the weapon is in your mind, can you really escape it?

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Residuum Offerings the first book in Ric Rae’s highly enjoyable space opera-punk series, The Voracious Universe. If you adored Blade Runner and The Expanse, then you’ll love this visceral, fast-paced sci-fi adventure series.