In The River – A Review


When I think of Jeremy Robert Johnson’s writing I think of the weird. Of the League of Zeroes and their crazy body modifications, of parasites that take over their hosts in the most terrifying way, or of nose’s being bitten off.

In The River is a departure from the bizarro to a more literary style story. But don’t worry, it still retains all of JRJ’s vivid imagination and beautifully grotesque descriptions. If anything In The River is even more intense. The story follows a tribal man who has decided his son is now old enough to learn how they make their livelihood, to learn how to fish. It builds a beautiful picture of the lives of these people and you feel the connection between the man and his son before it all goes horribly wrong.

JRJ has captured all my fears and anxieties as a father in an incredibly moving story. I don’t often get moved by books but this one did it. In The River reminds me of Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, except the man in this story is battling his own anguish as well as a sea beast.

In The River was released in August 2017 and if you get a copy before the end of the month JRJ will donate 100% of the  royalties to Portland Homeless Family Solutions to aid them in the difficult work of helping families with children find safety and security during times of struggle.

A wonderful cause and a wonderful book. I recommend you go get a copy right now.


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