Die Vicariously: A Voracious Universe Story

A killer on the loose.
An Immersion Investigator pushed to his limits.
An obsessed fan, dying again and again.

If you could live through the thrill of dying, would you do it again?

In the year 2191, citizens of the Governance escape reality by living vicariously through others experiences in immersion.

After a Live Vicariously creator is murdered, Immersion Investigator Jagger Jakowski, is hired to find the killer, but does anyone but him care about finding the truth?

Samuel Wheaties is a loser. His only joy in life comes from his obsession with the Live Vicariously creator Lana Edge. The shock of her being murdered while Samuel is in her body sends Samuel cascading to an inevitable gruesome end.

Will Jagger be able to stop the Live Vicariously killer? And will Samuel get to live out his gruesome destiny? Buy Die Vicariously now to find out.


Die Vicariously is a prequel to Ric Rae’s highly enjoyable space opera-punk series, The Voracious Universe. If you adored Blade Runner and The Expanse, then you’ll love this visceral, fast-paced sci-fi adventure series.