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Praise for A Stain On The Street:

“From the first sentence, I had a visceral response to this author’s writing…..the choice of words paints a provocative and realistic picture of what a homeless person goes through and feels in a day of their existence on the streets:  a shocking and emotionally desolate life broken with moments of sweet memory or stranger’s kindness that brings hope.  After reading this short story, I definitely want to read more from this author.”
– JT Carey

“It reads as if you are inside this particular homeless man’s head, hearing his thoughts…. You realize they have the same needs as you. They may be homeless, but they are still human beings with feelings just like you and me…. The author, Ric Rae, did a great job with this. I’d love to see what the author is capable of.”
– Erica Eblin

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